Site launched …



I hereby announce this website launched!

Please peruse at your leisure and get in touch with any comments or enquiries.

Right, I’m off to celebrate with a nice cuppa and a watch of ‘Strictly’ – even if it’s not the same without the lovely Lynda B.

Such a rock n roll lifestyle I lead …!


2 responses »

  1. Hey Ali……good work on the old wibbly wobbly web thingy …..bold, dynamic move on your part…..(careful now….don’t want to get carried away)…..well done, it’s gotta be a good move….if only to give us mortals an occasional insight into the machinations of the sublime creative rats nest that is the Carr thought process…..

  2. halloooooooo…my cleva relation…sos 4 the wonky spellin on a writers site!!!!!!!!!LOL…….well dun on gettin this goin….i will pop in now and again 2 share yor brilliance xx

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