it will be ‘ringbinder status’ before you know it …


You know you mean business when you break out a folder dedicated to the task in hand. Today I created the Rascally Scoundrels folder. When I say ‘created’ I mean, took out a cardboard document wallet (orange) and wrote ‘Rascally Scoundrels’ across the front in marker pen. Oh yeah baby, play time is over.

So, the latest on Blood & Money is that it continues to be in development for Prague. Following the Northern Stage showcase, Roz and I are working on re-writes with the deadline for a rehearsal draft by mid-April. We’re also looking into some preview performances for end of April/end of May – details to be announced.

We bid a sad farewell to Anna Bolton from the First In Three cast, and are delighted to welcome Faye Greenwell in to the fold as Elle/Tina.

Also hello to Amy Watts, our set designer with the unenviable task of trying to create a set for two (very different) plays that can fit in to a suitcase. So good luck with that one, Amy. You’re in our prayers!

In other news … erm … my new short play Tittle, Tattle, Tattletale was performed as part of Live Theatre’s Different Stages Festival a couple of weeks back. Great night, great actors, good time had by all. For details about the play, click [here].

Oh, and back to Rascals briefly. There is a rumour we are getting t-shirts printed. Badass, or what. All the kids will be after them. Word.


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  1. Sorry Molly, official personnel only!
    My quest to bury myself in admin and not get on with any *actual* prep continued today in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Getting out the big guns, hell yeah …!

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