Preview @ The People’s Theatre …


With all this lovely weather it is very tempting to abandon the keyboard in favour of wandering around the park with an ice-cream. But no. Plays don’t write themselves (sadly) and Prague Festivals to not attend themselves. So. Down to business …

Blood & Money will be previewed as a rehearsed reading at The People’s Theatre in Heaton (off the Coast Road, next to the Cornerhouse pub) on Thursday 22 April @ 8pm. Entry is free. Tickets can be obtained by emailing in advance, or on the door from 7.30pm. This is a fundraising event, with all proceeds going towards production costs – so any donations gratefully received on the night.

On the topic of Blood & Money, the new poster design is in …

Click on it to see it in all its glory – thanks to Daniel Stone for the design. Thanks also to Christine Charlton for the original ‘bucket’ image we used for publicity]

And one last thing while I’m on, the Prague Fringe Festival 2010 website is up and running, with the full programme online and details on buying tickets. Click [here] for a look-see …

Later alligator … x


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  1. There will be a secret raffle gift also….raffle can be entered by making a donation…of at least five pence….Coz that’s the Rascally Scoundrels for you!

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