Blood & Money @ Live Theatre

On 24th May, Blood & Money previewed at Live Theatre. Still half way through rehearsals it was a work-in-progress, but a chance for people to see where we were going with it.

Thanks to the sterling work of director Degna and the cast Jill, Faye and Mat, the show was up on its feet and heading in the right direction.

Hats off to Amy Watts who designed, constructed and delivered our set – based on the concept of ‘ties that bind’ it’s a gorgeous construction of wound wool and string. Beautiful to look at, a nightmare to untangle I expect (not that it will ever happen, and if it does we have scissors and spare wool!)

Thank you to all at Live Theatre, and everyone who came along to support us and donated so generously … x

Some photos from the night … [click] to enlarge:

2 thoughts on “Blood & Money @ Live Theatre

  1. Gill says:

    The previews were fab.
    Good luck to all for Prague.
    Hope it is a wonderful adventure for everyone.

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