June, I salute you …

Sometimes you wait days, weeks, months for the next something to come along.

Other times – and much more rarely, unfortunately – the somethings roll after each other one after another. I’m not going to say ‘like buses’ because in my experience, you wait ages and then your bus actually arrives or a different one does, rather than the fabled ‘three come along at once’ scenario.


June has been a good month. I like June. It has seen me have a different something on every week …

Blood & Money

Maggie & Mary

Come To Where I’m From

Can Cause Death

So, it’s been 4 plays in 4 theatres in 3 cities across 2 countries, with 6 actors (plus me). And it’s been sunny, although I can’t take credit for that.

Not too shabby really. Yey me!

A word to July, August, etc – don’t let June be an anomaly. Please. Cos that would be rubbish.