“Whenever a friend succeeds …

… a little something in me dies” Gore Vidal

Despite what you may have heard, I do (occasionally) leave my room and venture to the world outside. And in that world I tend to stumble across other people. Not all of them are writers, but some are and – as much as it may gall me to say – they are a talented bunch with work regularly produced here, there and (every so often) everywhere.

There must be something in the water because there seems to be a flurry of activity at the moment, and below are some of the productions coming up …

  • Islanders by Dick Curran – 24:7 Manchester Theatre Festival (27-31 July)
  • Canoeing for Beginners by Mike Yeaman – The Customs House (31 July – 7 Aug)
  • Seeing Double by Rosalind Wyllie & Ali Muriel – Live Theatre (14-15 Oct)
  • Girls on the Verge by Lee Mattinson & Paddy Campbell – Live Theatre (21-22 Oct)
  • Peter Creme’s Eyes & Therapy by Tracy Whitwell & Dick Curran – Live Theatre (28-30 Oct)