Past Glories; Day 7

Erm … right then … *looks sheepish* …

On Saturday I confidently wrote the headline ‘Past Glories; Day 1’.

Sadly that blog remains the sum of work that I have managed to do on the new play.

Well no, I tell a lie, I have decided on my title – Never Rains But It Pours. Which, as it goes, came from writing that aforementioned optimistic blog, so it hasn’t all been time wasted.

I have not been lazing around sipping piña coladas or whatever it is my housemates think I do all day, but sometimes you just can’t rush these things. I have been working on other plays. And if you’re not ready then you’re just not ready. Which can be a bitch. I have been doing some good ol’ thinking, though. Thinking really really hard …

(hopefully not this cottage)

I am going to a cottage on a hill for a week. The intention is to get lots of cleansing fresh air and write myself stupid. I will come back with a first draft. I. Will.