Start spreadin’ the news


In June 2010 Maggie & Mary was performed for the first time as part of the inaugural INK Festival … for more details on that event please click [here].

I was delighted to see the play performed – the actors and director did a great job with it. “small but perfectly formed” one audience member commented. Which was nice.

Little did I know … this was not in fact Maggie & Mary’s first outing. They had debuted a few months earlier … across the pond, no less.

Last year I had entered the piece in to the call for submissions for the international ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’ Festival. Writers are invited to enter plays lasting no longer than a minute – 100 are chosen. 50 are performed in the UK and 50 in the US. In New York, to be precise. You know, New York … busy place, bright lights, got a big statue of a lady holding a torch, Alicia Keys likes to sing about it. New. York.

So. The tiny (literally) play I had penned in my (equally) tiny room in Newcastle had been performed in New York.

Have I mentioned it was New York?

This is a little bit exciting for me. Can you tell?

How did I find out, you ask. Erm … hypothetically. Let’s say someone (not me) went on to YouTube and entered her – or his – own name (not me though) looking for namesakes doing something stupid and or/funny (I expect she/he was having a slow day) … and after scrolling down a bit, THERE IT WAS, bold as brass. Just sitting there. I’m just guessing. I mean, that is just one possible scenario of how I could he or she might have found it. There are loads of other ways though, much less egomaniacal.

Moving on.

The only details I have about the performance are the ones attached to the YouTube video … A Screaming Media Production, Gi60 Festival, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.E.W. Y.O.R.K.

And if you want to watch Maggie & Mary US, clickety click below …



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