Past Glories; Day 34

… in which I can’t believe how time flies.

Day 34? How the heck did that happen?

Apologies for being remiss in my updates. To be honest, though, there hasn’t been much to say.

As mentioned in my last, I was having to leave Never Rains But It Pours to work on the second draft of a different script. And didn’t that turn out to be a bugger. Draft one had poured out of me, 80+ pages in a fortnight. Draft two was like wading through treacle. It went so badly that when I went for the script meeting about it I wore black, convinced I’d blown it so was ‘in mourning for my career’. Never let it be said I am anything less than melodramatic! Suffice to say, it wasn’t the train-wreck I had convinced myself of and we’re back on course for Draft three.

But I decided to give myself some time off. Reckless perhaps, with three scripts on the go at the moment, but it was that or burnout completely. So from Tuesday to Sunday last week I did nothing. Nada. Nowt. Well no; I saw friends, did ironing, watched telly, went to the cinema, read my book, tidied up, finally got rid of all my videos what with not having a video player anymore. That type of thing. But I did no writing, that was the key.

Monday marked three weeks until the deadline for NRBIP, so it was back to work. The joy of a first Draft is that it gives you something to work on. Sometimes I go back to a script and decide it’s an abomination. Sometimes I think it’s got something worth developing. With this one it’s been pretty enjoyable returning to it. I feel more comfortable with the characters, and because I know where they end up the job is tightening up their journey to get there. There are still things that don’t work and I’m not happy with the ending, but it’s moving in the right direction. I think. I hope.

And we’ve had to submit short blurbs for The People’s Theatre brochure, which makes it all seem very real and not-actually-that-far-away. Mine goes …

“Drip drip drop, little April showers … The Jensen’s are trapped in the attic room of their rapidly flooding house. Meredith’s forgotten the concertina-folder-of-important-documents; Lyn’s bridal shoes have just floated away and Cari is oblivious to the past bubbling up to bite her. As the water surges below, family secrets rise to the surface and resentments spill over.”

So, I’m committed to those character names now. Which is good, less time wasted on the marvel that is ‘find and replace’.

We four on the project have support available from writer Michael Chaplin – to use or not as we wish. I am going to send him this first Draft in the next couple of days – get another pair of eyes on it before the deadline. This is a scary bit … your play on your computer is one thing, but letting someone else read it, exposing it to a wider audience … crikey moses.

While Michael is reading that, I will be working on a different script again, Can Cause Death … workshopping it in fact, down in that there London. Which is exciting.

  • In other news … my play Yackety Yak is going to be performed next month at Live Theatre. It is part of the Million Short Cuts event that will see some of Craig Taylor’s ‘A Million Tiny Plays About Britain’ read alongside four new short plays and four plays to be written on the night. All sounds a bit mental if you ask me … click [here] for details.
  • In other other news … I am shortly recording the monologue I did for Paines Plough Come To Where I’m From for their website … link available as and when.
  • And finally … I saw Traverse Live on Monday, which was disappointing. I saw The Expendables yesterday, which was not.

That is all.