Big news, folks. BIG. NEWS.

It’s big (did I mention?) …

Can Cause Death, my companion piece to Chekhov’s The Harmful Effects of Tobacco, is going to be staged at The National Theatre on Thursday 11 November. Yes, you read that right … The. National. Theatre. The double-bill is directed by Charlotte Bennett and will be performed by David Bradley (as both husband Nyukhin and wife Popova!)


 I have known about this for months. Since before I went to the cottage-on-a-hill and that was the end of July. Keeping it to myself has been hellish but it was a self-imposed embargo. I have a tendency to veer towards the superstitious and I was sure if I blabbed too early then it would all fall through. Confirmation from the powers-that-be means, however, that I am now free to bellow it from the rooftops. And bellow I shall!

Tickets go on sale from Tuesday 12 October. I am told details might be up on The National’s website in early October, but have no fear you will be the first to hear (see previous re ‘bellowing’!)

Click [here] to visit The Forward Theatre Project website while I nip off to a corner to hyperventilate …

7 thoughts on “Big news, folks. BIG. NEWS.

  1. Pat Smith says:

    Well done Alison – don’t know how you managed to keep quiet – will try and go. love Pat and David (Smith) So pleased for you

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