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Back in June I took part in Paines Plough’s Come To Where I’m From … 61 playwrights from 14 cities across the UK writing about their hometowns, the places that shaped them.

Come To Where I'm FromClick [here] to read an article on The Guardian website by James Grieve and George Perrin about the project.

Click [here] to read my blog about the experience, mainly involving biscuits and near hysteria.

Subsequently, we were invited to record our monologues that would then be posted on the Paines Plough website. A chance for a UK-wide project to come together as one … and another chance for me to panic about having to ‘perform’ my own piece … gulp.

The podcasts are being made available a city at a time, a day at a time … Newcastle took to the online-super-highway TODAY!

Listen [HERE] to the dulcet tones of Mr Michael Chaplin, Sir Dick Curran, Lady Tracy Whitwell and myself … waxing lyrical on topics ranging from memories of the Tyne, American tourists in Jarrow, living in a caravan and the perils of low ceilings …!

If you think it was all glamour – a plush recording studio with them fancy-pants giant headphones like Beyonce would have – then think again … I recorded my play in my bedroom on my MP3 player and emailed it to the offices!

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  1. Pat Smith says:

    Well done on the radio programme The Verb we thought it was excellent and glad you are getting such good feedback on the Northern showing of Can cause death. All very good and your web site too.

    love Pat & David

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