Past Glories; Day 263 aka The End

I suppose officially Day 261 was ‘The End’, as that was the final performance of Never Rains But It Pours as part of the Past Glories series. But then, who’s counting … 

That’s that, then. Nine months ago I started writing it (and seven months before that the idea first surfaced) and now it’s done and dusted. The paddling pool has been deflated, Duck returned to his shelf in the wardrobe and the mystery of which-box-is-the-candle-holder-going-to-be-in-tonight? need never be solved again. 

For now. 

Because I have been asked a few times over the past fortnight whether I intend to do anything more with Rains/Pours? I like to think there is further life in it, that Meredith, Lyn and Cari’s story might have more to tell. For now, though, I need a break from it. 

For production details, previews, reviews, photos, etc – click [here]

I’ll sign off my Past Glories blog by thanking Kath, Louisa, Jo, Emma and the team for all of their energy, humour and hard work. And thanks for the post-show goodies I was presented with – all relevant to the play, all received in the spirit in which they were intended and all quite tricky to get home with any degree of decorum!! … xx


  • In other news … it’s straight on to the next one as the line-up for Live Theatre’s new Season has recently been announced, and it includes The Girls From Poppyfield Close. Adapted from my short play Blood, I have been developing the piece into a full-length play since the end of last year and it gets its first public airing in June. Details [here] 
  • And finally … Dolly Would draft #1 is done and in on deadline. Whoop!

One thought on “Past Glories; Day 263 aka The End

  1. Gill says:

    So…sometime over the Easter break there might be a game of Hungry Hippos followed by a Werther’s Original. Who said there was just some wedding to look forward to!

    Well done on Never Rains. Another triumph. Dog is hoping for a role sometime soon. Duck can’t hog all the limelight.

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