The girls (& boys) of Poppyfield Close

Evening. How goes it? Good? Lovely.

Right then. Back to me.

Rehearsals for The Girls From Poppyfield Close start very shortly. Which is fortunate as the play opens in 16 days. Gulp.

As such, today is officially branded Day -16. You see where I’m going with this.

I am delighted to be able to tell you the cast. So … drum roll please … Cliff Burnett, Christopher Connel, Cheryl Marie Dixon, Samantha Neale, Rachel Teate and Phillippa Wilson. A big hand for all six of them, please *the crowd goes wild*.

Director Rosie Kellagher and I will be spending this week ironing out the finer details. There is a lot of talk from Rosie about her doing “prep”. I, meanwhile, have bought a ring binder. It’s red. And devoted some time to deciding what to wear for the first rehearsal. Priorities.

It’s a very short run at this stage in its development but delightfully all three nights are sold-out. So of all the things I can worry myself into a tiz about over the next 16 days, playing to an empty room is not one of them. There is a returns list if you ring Live Theatre’s Box Office. Just saying.

Oh, and there was a feature in this month’s Culture Magazine on the play – pages 22 & 23 that you can access [here]. There are no spoilers,  unless you count “not everybody dies at the end”. Which they don’t. Or do they? (Disclaimer: no).

  • In other news … Dolly Would continues apace. My producer suggested it be more of a caper as I move into Draft #2. I’ll tell you what, he might be careful what he wishes for in future. I’d go as far as employing the words ‘escapades’ and ‘hijinks’. How much of the shenanigans survive the next draft remains to be seen, but if the audience enjoy listening to it as much as I’m enjoying writing it (touch wood, there’s a way to go) then that’ll be a job well done!