“Not forever, just for now”

Things I have learnt since the last time …

  • It can be too early for a handful of chocolate raisins.
  • Terry & Marg did it.
  • It doesn’t take as much as I thought to set me off blubbing.
  • “Micey” means disreputable/creepy/there’s a rabbit off.
  • It hurts when you put teaspoons straight from the freezer on your eyes (although it is good for tiredness – you’re in so much pain you forget how tired you are).
  • Columbo will be sadly missed.

And thus, so ends The Girls From Poppyfield Close.

I say ‘ends’. Ends for now.

Because the three night run in Live’s Studio Theatre last week is part of the play’s ongoing development. I’ve come out of the rehearsal process and performances with so many new thoughts and ideas – I’ve gotten to see the play up on its feet, in front of an audience, and there is no better way to shine a spotlight on what works and what needs working on further.

I can’t sign off on this without paying tribute to the team. With only a week and a half rehearsal time, Rosie, Phillippa, Cheryl, Cliff, Sam, Rachel and Chris achieved something incredible. And the hard work, enthusiasm and humour of everybody made it one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on. Not to mention the fact that ‘treats corner’ was never left empty, not once!

And credit to the production team, of course. Designers Verity and Kate; technicians Drummond, Craig and Tom who created such an evocative and atmospheric world for the characters and audience to inhabit.

Ok. So that’s enough gushing. They were all fabulous dah-ling, blah blah blah!

For photos, reviews and audience feedback from last week’s production, click [here]

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