Dolly would. Dolly will. Dolly is.

So. It’s Dolly-Day. D-Day, if you will. Or perhaps Double-D day is more appropriate …

Dolly Would goes out on the airwaves in about 5 hours time.

As a writer coming to radio from a theatre background, this whole thing carries an element of the unknown that I am not used to. More often than not, I am able to see at least one performance of my stage plays with the audience and witness their reactions first hand, actively sharing the experience as it unfolds.

But with radio it feels like I am throwing Dolly Would out in to a black hole. I don’t know who is listening, where they’re listening, when they’re listening, if they’re enjoying it, if they’ve switched it off already, if they laughed at that hil-arious joke I am so proud of, and so on. I have no control and no idea of the response it’s getting. And that is terrifying.

***Dolly Would is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 today at 2.15pm. It will subsequently be available on iPlayer until 11 January ***

6 thoughts on “Dolly would. Dolly will. Dolly is.

  1. Sally says:

    Not only did Dolly Would make “Pick of the Week” but you got some lovely comments from Ian McMillan about your work. What a great week this has been for you, and it’s only January. You truly are the bees knees!

  2. ER says:

    Believe it or not I managed to access your play ‘Dolly Would’ on iPlayer last night, and I’m living in Bogota, Colombia – how scary is that?! But I thoroughly enjoyed the play – poignant, funny, and with a happy ending. Oh, and Geordie accents to make me homesick …

  3. P Smith says:

    Just listened to your play and thought it was funny and sad at times. Being a geordie in exile I particularly loved to hear the northern voices as they fitted perfectly with the written script. My son and husband both listened and enjoyed it so no generation gap to bridge there. Well done good entertainment and it puts identity crisis into perspective!!! Pat x

  4. Sally says:

    Well done Ali. Great play. Funny, sad, mad and poignant. Dolly Would… proud…as you should be. Congratulations on having faith in the project and not giving up. By the way, your parents must be saints!!

  5. Alison says:

    Dolly Would’s journey into being has been well documented here, and (at the risk of sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech) there are some people I’d like to thank for keeping my head above water with it at one time or another. So, in no particular order, here goes …

    Deborah Bruce, Lucy McCorry, Karen Traynor, Chris Price, Moira Valentine, Max Charles, Jenny Strawson, Chris Heckels, Lisa Foster, Abigail Le Fleming, my long-suffering parents for not telling me to just shut up and bin the damn thing! And thank you to the various performers who very kindly took some time to chat to me about their experiences as tribute artists, including Pete White and Andrea Pattison.

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