The muse has come knocking. Bloody hell, she picks her moments.

So. Right. Here’s the thing. I had a bit of a slump work-wise in January – I just couldn’t get motivated so spent a lot of time moping, fretting and eating Toblerone. 

And then last week I suddenly got a spurt on and started working on a brand new idea. It’s not ‘for’ anything, it’s not a commission (although obviously I hope it’ll go on to have a life somewhere).


I also have to write a pitch (already woefully overdue) and get on with a 3rd draft of something else that starts rehearsing in a fortnight!

But my new idea is all I can think about. And I’m reluctant to stop and get on with the other things in case the momentum is lost.

This is most inconvenient.

Not to mention that fact that the bang-bang-banging next door is driving me insane and the final disc of The Killing is calling to me from the shelf to be watched.

In trying to do all of the above at once I am, in fact, doing nothing. My Wall Chart is being very little help, just sitting there smugly with its different coloured highlighted squares mocking me.

I need to devise a plan. I fear the new idea script may have to be sacrificed for now. I just hope I can get back in to it with the same enthusiasm when time allows.