What I did on my holidays

Ok, so I’ve been to London. I’m back now. These are 20 of the things that happened in the order they happened in:
  1. I had a Boots meal deal + a Mars Bar on the train down. I consider a Boots meal deal a treat, so imagine that + a Mars Bar and you can see things got off to a good start.
  2.  I discovered that the two shows I was seeing were in theatres right next door to each other. I wandered past both, staring at them and getting in the way of proper London folk as I took photos like the loser tourist I was.
  3.  I took my seat for Sweeney Todd.
  4.  I developed an anxiety headache that one or both of Michael Ball/Imelda Staunton were going to be off sick.
  5.  I convinced myself that the woman who looked very much like Imelda Staunton (but wasn’t) was her understudy and Imelda Staunton was DEFINITELY off sick.
  6.  Me and the lady next to me discussed how Imelda Staunton was off sick and how disappointed we were not to see her.
  7. Imelda Staunton came on.
  8. Half an hour in to Sweeney Todd I realised that it was beyond brilliant and I never ever ever ever wanted it to end.
  9. Sweeney Todd ended.
  10. I went to Kew Gardens, it was very very very sunny and hot but I didn’t moan cos very very very sunny and hot should be cherished.
  11. I saw Justin Lee Collins in a pizza restaurant. I hope he didn’t have the same pizza as me cos it was horrible.
  12.  I arrived at the Vaudeville Theatre so early the house hadn’t even opened, so I passed the time getting strangers to take my photo with pictures of Tyne Daly.
  13. I took my seat for Master Class.
  14. I developed an anxiety headache that Tyne Daly was going to be off sick.
  15. I read up about the understudy so I’d be ready for her because Tyne Daly was DEFINITELY off sick.
  16. Tyne Daly came on.
  17. The play was average.
  18. Tyne Daly was mega.
  19. The play + Tyne Daly = mega.
  20. I had a packet of mini Jammy Dodgers on the train home.