The stats are in …

Trip #1 of 3 to the Edinburgh Festival – 2/8/12

  • Time my alarm went off: 5.50am
  • Number of stairs that I climbed up to the Royal Mile upon leaving the train station via an unfamiliar route: approx 1, 000,000
  • Number of shows that I saw: 4
  • Number of shows I could have probably fitted in if I’d been in a running about mood: 6
  • Number of shows that I enjoyed: 3 (Shakespeare for Breakfast at C Venue; The Prize and Susan Calman at Underbelly)
  • Number of shows that I didn’t enjoy: 1
  • Number of shows that made me actually angry and subsequently have a mini rant about: see above
  • Number of seconds it took me to hone in on a Tobacco/Can Cause Death poster while in C Venues: 6
  • Number of people that I saw who I know that made me exclaim ‘eee, it’s a small world’: 3
  • Number of famous people that I saw: 2.5 (the .5 is cos I know I’ve seen her in stuff but can’t remember what or her name)
  • Number of people who asked me for directions: 1
  • Number of people who I was able to successfully direct: 0
  • Number of people who I asked for directions: 1
  • Number of steps I was from the place I asked for directions for upon asking for directions: approx 10
  • Number of free things I got: 2
  • Number of flyers I took: 7
  • Number of times I thought ‘bloody students’ before remembering that I was one such student at the Fringe back in the day: 12
  • Number of bruises I picked up from sources unknown: 1
  • Time spent in Edinburgh: 11 hours