It’s raining, it’s pouring

After all my badmouthing of 2012, 2013 has got off to a much better start. I’m not counting my chickens, but just saying that it’s keeping me busy so far (and long may it continue – touch wood)


The big news at this moment is that NEVER RAINS BUT IT POURS is going to be produced as part of Theatre503’s LabFest next month.

You might remember that NEVER RAINS started life as part of Past Glories at The People’s Theatre back in 2011. Well it’s never really gone away and I’ve always had it in my mind as one I could do more with. I’ve revisited and reworked it recently so am delighted that this new version is part of the Festival, directed by     Tom Latter for Sheer Drop Theatre.

For all the info and ticket details, please click [here]

  • In other news … The Traverse Fifty is well underway and we’ve all be paired up with our photographers. Your photographers? I hear you cry. Yes indeed. Writer Pictures, who specialise in literary portraits, are collaborating with the Trav50 to produce portraits of each of the writers and they’ll be displayed later in the year. ‘My’ chap is a very talented documentary photographer called Ian Forsyth. I opened my introductory email to him with the words “I hate getting my photo taken” … we’re yet to meet but plans are afoot and I just hope he doesn’t end up feeling he pulled the shortest of short straws.
  • In other other news … I am busy working on my play for A Wondrous Place. It’s not been an easy one this one (are they ever?!) but I think I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Apart from that I can’t really say much, but I’ll update as and when.

Laters alligators. See you at Theatre503, maybe … bring a brolly! x