Writing in the time of Corona

Early afternoon on 17th March 2020, the day theatre doors across the country began to close, my friend the actor and writer Francesca Waite rang me asking if I’d be interested in getting involved in an initiative she was launching to keep writers writing.

She wanted to give writers a day to write, record and post a short piece of theatre filmed in isolation and she asked me to kick it off with the brief ‘Number One’. I was hesitant – my head was swimming, there was a lot going on – but I said yes and for an hour the next morning I wrote a short monologue. It wasn’t about what was going on, I wanted to escape that and thought viewers might too. It was so lovely to be doing something ‘normal’ and it got me out of my head for a bit.

Julie Hesmondhalgh kindly agreed to read and record it, and about 30 hours after getting the initial phone call it was posted on Twitter!


Yesterday (6th April) marked the 20th play and the initiative continues as long as people want to get involved. Two minutes a day of different stories and voices. It’s no mean feat and well worth a watch.