Update: 21.6.2020 – I have all of the recordings I need now so please don’t submit one. Thank you to those who took the time to record and send. 

Thanks for visiting.

I am currently part of a research and development project for a new piece with Unfolding Theatre. We’re at the earliest stages of finding ideas and ways to explore them – something made all the more, shall we say, interesting by the fact we are having to work remotely.

Our current provocation is ‘When The Lights Light Up Again’ and as part of this I have written a short piece.

What I’d love is for you to record yourself reading it and send it to me.

There’s no ‘right’ way to read it – fast, slow, with as much ‘performance’ as you like or feel that it warrants. I’m interested in hearing lots of different voices and interpretations.

– The piece –


– What to do –

Please read it.

Please record yourself reading/performing it (audio only, not video) on your phone or another device as you wish.

Send it to me at

– Disclaimers –

There’s no payment.

This is for some current R&D work. In the short term it will be shared with my fellow collaborators within Unfolding Theatre. It might be shared in a private  Facebook group with members of our wider collaboration team.

If you’re not happy with that, please don’t submit anything.

If you are happy with that, please do. And if you’re happy to be credited, let me know your name.