Vera Shrimp – what you said

SOME AUDIENCE FEEDBACK | from the July previews @ Live Theatre & ARC Stockton

Original and engaging. 

Terrific setting – loved it. Really set the scene. Felt swept – or washed away by the storyline. Great to use one person for the whole play. Very enigmatic character. Great writing, very powerful and genuine!

Amazing storytelling, lovely performance. Moving. Visual. 

Very interesting, touching, thought provoking, sad, wet!

Just seen the beautiful, magical & emotional #VeraShrimp @livetheatre Congratulations @missalicarr @rosiekellagher 

#VeraShrimp is poetic and poignant. And funny. And you get a wagon wheel. Go fish @arcstockton 

Didn’t know what to expect but really enjoyed it. Thought provoking. 

Saw a beautiful, life-affirming, and moving play tonight. ‘The soaking of Vera Shrimp’ by @missalicarr. And got a crispy cake at the end

Very emotional, moving and heart-warming / hopeful. Brilliant performance by Alison and really liked the use of the mic and different characters. Beautiful writing. Loved the water. 

Really enjoyed it. Post Its and water. I love rain so this show, story really appealed to me. Magical.

Excellent eve @arcstockton. #VeraShrimp has really got me thinking. Lovely stuff incl some tender & heart breaking moments by @missalicarr 

Strongly recommend going to see ‘The Soaking of Vera Shrimp’ at Live Theatre tonight … Alison Carr’s new play joyfully explores words and semantics whilst chronicling a touching tale full of beautifully-crafted characters and witty one-liners.

Saw Alison Carr’s “The Soaking of Vera Shrimp” last night & it was amazing. 

Vera Shrimp, brilliant. That’s it!!!

A big thank you to everyone who came along and supported us and for being so generous with your feedback. And thank you to Live Theatre, ARC Stockton and Northern Stage.

Vera gears up for ARC

We had a great week at Live Theatre last week, rehearsing Vera Shrimp and then showing it in full for the very first time ever (gulp!)

Thank you to everyone who came along – we were delighted with the turnout and really appreciate the support. Those who were kind enough to fill in a feedback form, your comments will be typed up and discussed after the ARC showing this week and used moving forward.

Speaking of the ARC performance (smooth, eh) it’s on Wednesday 17th @ 7pm. There are tickets available [click here for details & booking].

If you’re dithering about coming along, here’s a few comments from last week’s previews gleaned from Twitter … x

Vera Shrimp – week #3

Hello! I’ve been a bit quiet lately, haven’t I.

So, since my last:

I was rehearsing for, and performing in, Bombshells at The People’s Theatre. A collection of monologues by Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith. I got to work with a lovely and talented team and sport ‘librarian chic’.

I went to New York. I know, right, get me, swish swoo.

A Wondrous Place opened in Liverpool before heading to Sheffield. It’s had some great audience reaction and reviews so far, including  ★★★★  from  The Guardian. It pitches up in Newcastle on Tuesday. More info and to book [here]

I applied to, and have been shortlisted for, Northern Stage’s Title Pending Award – which is very thrilling. The judging weekend is imminent, gonna dig out my loose rehearsal slacks and soft jazz pumps.

I wrote draft #3 of Vera Shrimp, ready for our development week at Northern Stage last week. Now, when we left Vera things were all a bit gloomy. Rosie and I had just finished our week at ARC Stockton and I was really struggling.

Well, fortunately, last week things took a turn for the better. I made a concerted effort to shake off what had gone before and come into it with a fresh and positive attitude, not be my own worst enemy and harshest critic. (Rosie will confirm that it’s an ongoing effort, but I tried!)

We powered straight in to getting the show on its feet and the words in to my mouth, and made a huge amount of progress. We started thinking about its shape and its tone, finding the voices of the other characters and my voice as narrator. We welcomed award-winning designer Imogen Cloet to the fold, and starting to think about the visual elements was very exciting.

The week culminated in a showback on Friday afternoon during which I performed a 30 minute extract from the play. It’s amazing what you can achieve in four days, and I am really proud of what we were able to show of our work-in-progress. I won’t lie, I was nervous. My performance wasn’t perfect but, you know, that’s ok. I got out there and I did it, which feels like a real personal victory. We were able to give a flavour of some early design ideas, Northern Stage’s Kev and Mareike provided us with lighting and sound to support and create atmosphere and mood … all in all, we have a show. Or the beginnings of one. And it, and I, can only get better.

Some audience feedback:

Lovely work. Well done missus!
Really really enjoyed being taken into Vera’s world.
Excellent and can’t wait to see more!
You have a really good face (!) 

So, we’re looking ahead now to the previews in July at Live Theatre and ARC. They’re work-in-progress preview performances but of the whole show – so those who were asking about how it starts, and how it turns out, come along and find out! 


Big thank you to Northern Stage for hosting us and for their support. Equally big thank you to those who came along to see it – your encouragement, comments and questions are hugely appreciated … x