Other writing

I was a some-time contributor to the award-winning Standard Issue, an online magazine founded by comedian and writer Sarah Millican.

You can peruse the back catalogue of all of my articles here, or I’ve helpfully listed some of my favourites below –

> Why I *Heart* Imelda Staunton
“I was so excited to see her in the current West End production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? that I straight up lost my voice two hours before curtain up due to the anticipation. That was a week ago and I’m still hoarse. THAT’s how good she is.”

Review: Our Friend Victoria
“I also, full disclosure, cried. A bit. I welled up less than two minutes in.”

> Why I *Heart* Nighty Night
“Alongside Davis are Rebecca Front as put-upon Cathy and Ruth Jones as Jill’s asthmatic beauty therapist sidekick … Talk about a trifecta of amazingness.”

> Why I *Heart* Mel & Sue
“Bake Off will never be the same without them because Mel and Sue are the greatest and here’s some reasons why.”

> Why I *Heart* Paula Proctor (Crazy Ex Girlfriend)
“Paula is the best friend Rebecca could possibly have, and the worst. But she has a big heart – as big as her collection of (amazing) animal jewellery – and it’s all born from a well-meaning place.”

Why I *Heart* The Great British Bake Off
“The nearest to baking I’ve ever got was chocolate crispy nests for Easter one year and even then I had to look up the recipe on the CBBC website. I was 32.”

> Why I *Heart* Melissa McCarthy
“She all-out goes for it and her characters are often extreme and messy; women with opinions who’ll curse you out then pratfall down some stairs.”

> Rated or Dated: Death Becomes Her
“If we meet and I say “NOW a warning?” or “Ernest, I’m in the morgue” and you get it, you’ve got a friend for life.”

Why I *Heart* Cagney & Lacey
“Full disclosure: Cagney is my favourite. She’s sassy. She’s gutsy. She’s (let’s not pretend I’m above it) got better hair.”