“Hospitals are shit. They’re just sitting on hard chairs watching Stars In Their Eyes with the sound off, which totally defeats the object because like Mr Matthew Kelly says, you’re voting on how they sound like not how they look.”

“heart- wrenching … three very different and compelling stories delivered via a coming together of wonderfully bright talent both on the page and on the stage.” – The Journal 

“topical, humorous and, at times, tragic scenarios take the audience through a gamut of emotions … powerful and moving” – The Evening Chronicle

Clyde and Clint are inseparable, like proper brothers … but not quite. A monologue about a very special boy, his brother, his mother and the local papergirl.

First produced by Live Theatre as part of ‘Boys on the Edge’ in March 2011. CLINT was performed by David Tute and directed by Rosie Kellagher.