Karen is hosting a clothes swap party with a theatrical twist. Join her to play games for points, watch pop up plays, swap old clothes and have an interactive theatre experience like no other.

Inspired by the brilliant, unique location of Derby Theatre being inside the shopping district, five critically acclaimed playwrights ask, what do our wardrobe choices say about us?

In ARMOUR, Sandra loses critical markers that told her who she was. So now, how does she show her inside out when she doesn’t know what her inside is anymore?

“I put the jacket on. The lining on my skin, cool and shiny, is an extra layer against the day ahead. Give it a tug, it smooths into place around my shoulders, flick out the collar. A pause. I hear my breath in my ears. Then the buttons. One. Two. Three. Each one a heavy bolt locking, a metallic rumble that echoes. I’m encased. I’m safe.”

ARMOUR was directed by Charlotte Bennett and performed by Olwen May.

My previous credits with Forward Theatre Project include WHEN IT FALLS (Soho Theatre) and CAN CAUSE DEATH (National Theatre, Northern Stage, Latitude).