“If Alison Carr wanted to show her writing mettle in one fell swoop, then this double-bill was certainly the way to do it” The Journal

The critically acclaimed comedy PATRICIA QUINN SAVED MY LIFE makes its Tyneside debut. When two disparate Rocky Horror fans find themselves locked in a cupboard, their fates lie in the hands of a Diva, a Domestic and a Bunny Girl. Yikes!

Dark drama MAM, DAD, MONKEY AND ME returns to the region following its win at the Yvonne Arnaud Playwriting Festival 2007. Jess comes home from University to find an extra place set at the table. Bitter recriminations and harsh home truths soon bubble to the surface, threatening to tear her family apart.

A co-production by AC and The Round performed at The Round Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne in May 2008. Directed by Chris Heckels.