We step outside and start to dance

“If I didn’t pick my feet up I was going to burst.
If I didn’t throw my arms out I was going to pop.
If I didn’t move my head and my hips, my fingers and my knees, my shoulders, my back –
I exploded into movement.”

We step outside and start to dance (previously referred to as ‘Dance Mania’)  is inspired by a dance-inducing outbreak of mass hysteria recorded in Strasbourg the 1500s when a woman did, indeed, step outside and start to dance. And kept dancing. Within a month, four hundred people had joined her.

In this brand new audio experience you’ll be invited to download the piece, press play and start to dance (not for a month, don’t worry!)

Director Melanie Rashbrooke and I – along with a talented team of North-East creatives – are making the piece now, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Watch this space for updates.


As part of the piece we’re keen to explore the power and appeal of music and dancing, and we’d love to hear from you!

Take the survey >>  it’s nothing too taxing, just four questions about your relationship with music and dancing. You can send us a video if you’d prefer (email address included in the questionnaire).

– CAST –

Emma Biggins joins the team as our Producer. Emma is experienced in managing participatory and community art projects and she will be mentored by Melanie. Emma comments “I’m delighted to join the team and I’m looking forward to ensuring the piece successfully engages with a wide range of audiences.”

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