“It happened on a Tuesday. Which is weird, cos nothing interesting ever happens on a Tuesday. Everyone knows that.”


TUESDAY is light, playful and nuanced in tone. And a little bit sci-fi. 

The play centres on an ordinary Tuesday that suddenly turns very weird indeed when a tear rips across the sky over the school yard. Not only that, but it starts sucking up pupils and staff while at the same time raining down a whole new set of people.  But then, that’s what happens when parallel worlds collide! 

Confusion reigns as the ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ try to work out what is going on. How are Ash and Magpie identical? Can Billy cope with having his sister back? Who is Franky?

Eventually, though, cracks appear between the two groups. As the air here starts to disagree with the ‘Them’, the race is on to try to get things back to how they were and safely return everyone to the Universe they came from.

The play touches on themes of friendship, sibling love, family, identity, grief, bullying, loneliness and responsibility. And in the process we might just learn something about ourselves as well as some astronomical theories of the multiverse!

Cast size: 9 – 50, any gender. Suitable for all ages.

Originally part of the Connections Festival 2020, TUESDAY is also part of the 2021 Festival having had most of its 2020 performances cancelled due to coronavirus.

Below is some feedback from groups who worked on the play as part of the 2020 Festival (artwork by James the Scribe)

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All images and artwork: National Theatre