“They couldn’t tell us how the end would come. Nothing to compare it to.”

If you were told you only had a million words left to speak in your life, what would you say and who to?

The re-launch of Live Theatre’s Short Cuts Studio Sessions kicked off with A Million Short Cuts. Using Craig Taylor’s One Million Tiny Plays About Britain as its inspiration, writers were invited to submit short plays on the theme of ‘Millions’. Four were selected to be read on the night, alongside some of Taylor’s plays, an interview with the writer himself and four plays to be written on the night based on audience suggestions.

My short play, Yackety Yak, was selected to be one of the four performed as a rehearsed reading. It went on to be voted the winning play by the audience on the night.

For the A Million Short Cuts event in Sept 2010 the cast was as follows:

CAROL: Tracy Gillman
JONATHAN: Donald McBride

Directed by Rosie Kellagher

**In January 2011 I was invited to record a re-written, solo version of Yackety Yak for BBC Radio 3’s The Verb. The programme was broadcast later that month.**

**In July 2011 I was invited to perform Yackety Yak as part of Riding Mill Drama Club’s evening of rehearsed readings, preceded by a chat with Hazel Osmond about my career to date and a Q&A with the audience.**  

**HEAR IT: Before they let me loose on national radio, The Verb asked me to record the play and send it to them. An audition, if you will. I’ve just been clearing out some files on my computer and I came across this recording. It’s slightly longer than the version I ended up doing and the quality is a bit ropey as I was reading/recording it in my house (the glamour!) – but if you would like to have a listen then please do … [Yackety Yak]  

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