June, I salute you …

Sometimes you wait days, weeks, months for the next something to come along.

Other times – and much more rarely, unfortunately – the somethings roll after each other one after another. I’m not going to say ‘like buses’ because in my experience, you wait ages and then your bus actually arrives or a different one does, rather than the fabled ‘three come along at once’ scenario.


June has been a good month. I like June. It has seen me have a different something on every week …

Blood & Money

Maggie & Mary

Come To Where I’m From

Can Cause Death

So, it’s been 4 plays in 4 theatres in 3 cities across 2 countries, with 6 actors (plus me). And it’s been sunny, although I can’t take credit for that.

Not too shabby really. Yey me!

A word to July, August, etc – don’t let June be an anomaly. Please. Cos that would be rubbish.

INK Festival …

Friday 11 June sees the launch of the INK Festival, a brand new initiative to promote and support writers, artists, directors, actors, musicians (and the rest!) in the region. Running until Saturday, it’s scratch performances of poetry, short stories and mini plays. Plus live music, to boot.

My short play Maggie & Mary is amongst the line-up.

7pm both evenings, it’s on at The Cluny2. Tickets are £5, available on the door …

Maggie & Mary by Alison Carr

Performed by Gill Laverick & Penny Lamport

Directed by Rachel Glover

  • MAGGIE: Morning.
  • MARY: Morning.
  • MAGGIE: Sleep?
  • MARY: Well. You?
  • MAGGIE: Yes. Dream?
  • MARY: Of you.
  • MAGGIE: Of course.
  • MARY: You?
  • MAGGIE: No.
  • MARY: No.

And as no event is complete without the obligatory Facebook Group, you can join INK’s [here] for updates on future projects and next year’s event …