Start spreadin’ the news

In June 2010 Maggie & Mary was performed for the first time as part of the inaugural INK Festival … for more details on that event please click [here].

I was delighted to see the play performed – the actors and director did a great job with it. “small but perfectly formed” one audience member commented. Which was nice.

Little did I know … this was not in fact Maggie & Mary’s first outing. They had debuted a few months earlier … across the pond, no less.

Last year I had entered the piece in to the call for submissions for the international ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’ Festival. Writers are invited to enter plays lasting no longer than a minute – 100 are chosen. 50 are performed in the UK and 50 in the US. In New York, to be precise. You know, New York … busy place, bright lights, got a big statue of a lady holding a torch, Alicia Keys likes to sing about it. New. York.

So. The tiny (literally) play I had penned in my (equally) tiny room in Newcastle had been performed in New York.

Have I mentioned it was New York?

This is a little bit exciting for me. Can you tell?

How did I find out, you ask. Erm … hypothetically. Let’s say someone (not me) went on to YouTube and entered her – or his – own name (not me though) looking for namesakes doing something stupid and or/funny (I expect she/he was having a slow day) … and after scrolling down a bit, THERE IT WAS, bold as brass. Just sitting there. I’m just guessing. I mean, that is just one possible scenario of how I could he or she might have found it. There are loads of other ways though, much less egomaniacal.

Moving on.

The only details I have about the performance are the ones attached to the YouTube video … A Screaming Media Production, Gi60 Festival, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.E.W. Y.O.R.K.

And if you want to watch Maggie & Mary US, clickety click below …


INK Festival …

Friday 11 June sees the launch of the INK Festival, a brand new initiative to promote and support writers, artists, directors, actors, musicians (and the rest!) in the region. Running until Saturday, it’s scratch performances of poetry, short stories and mini plays. Plus live music, to boot.

My short play Maggie & Mary is amongst the line-up.

7pm both evenings, it’s on at The Cluny2. Tickets are £5, available on the door …

Maggie & Mary by Alison Carr

Performed by Gill Laverick & Penny Lamport

Directed by Rachel Glover

  • MAGGIE: Morning.
  • MARY: Morning.
  • MAGGIE: Sleep?
  • MARY: Well. You?
  • MAGGIE: Yes. Dream?
  • MARY: Of you.
  • MAGGIE: Of course.
  • MARY: You?
  • MAGGIE: No.
  • MARY: No.

And as no event is complete without the obligatory Facebook Group, you can join INK’s [here] for updates on future projects and next year’s event …