Birdie (Women’s Prize for Playwriting)

“Are you scared every time you pull your shoes on that you’re going to tear them to bits cos you’re so much stronger than anyone knows?

Are you frightened to open your mouth in case hot sick comes pouring out cos you’re so fucking furious all the time?

Are you? Mam?

She is, though. She knows. Don’t you?”


BIRDIE was a finalist for the 2021 Women’s Prize for Playwriting, selected from 850 submissions.

Commentary from the judging panel included:

“Birdie is an outstanding, highly accomplished play which evinces your terrific skill and power as a theatre writer. All the judges felt that your characters are compelling, strong, troubling individuals with huge resonance and that they are written with great understanding and without cliché. They felt it is a play with a richly uncomfortable, disturbing atmosphere, posing deeply troubling moral questions with a light touch and enormous deftness.”

– About –

Karen and her partner Lynn arrive at a tatty hotel to meet Karen’s younger sister Suzanne. The sisters haven’t seen each other for over thirty years and the difficult reunion is made even worse when Suzanne unexpectedly turns up with her thirteen-year-old daughter Della in tow.

It’s Della who forced her Mam to arrange this get-together after stumbling upon their family secret – that when Karen was her age she was convicted of an unforgivable crime and spent over a decade in prison before being released with a new identity. Della is desperate to find out what makes Karen tick, and Karen is terrified she’ll tell her.

Inspired by true life cases, this dark four-hander plays out in real time. And no one gets out unscathed.

“you have crafted the tension in this script brilliantly. It made me hungry to know more about these women and what had happened to them. I was eager to turn each page. All four of the women feel complex and truthful. They are funny and dark and interesting. “ – Traverse Breakthrough Writers

Characters – 4 female, playing ages 13 to 55

BIRDIE is available for production. Please email if you’re interested in reading the script or discussing the play further.