“But there is someone we’d like you to meet. Someone very special.”

When Jess returns home from her first term at University full of tales of her first few weeks away from home, she is delighted to see her parents again. She is less delighted to discover that while she has been away her parents have found some one new to lavish their attentions on! The first term of a psychology degree might not be enough to deal with such bizarre parents …

In Alison Carr’s new play, your childhood toys can turn out to be your worst enemies.

First produced by New Writing North at Apartment, Newcastle upon Tyne, Nov 2006.

The cast was as follows:
VAL: Libby Davison
COLIN: Gez Casey
JESS: Lucy McCorry
WAITRESS: Louisa Kirkness
Directed by Deborah Bruce


“[a] little gem …” (The Journal)

“This clever play manages to be deep, witty and comical all at the same time …” (The Evening Chronicle)


The production contributed to Alison’s nomination for The Journal Culture Newcomer of the Year Award.


Monkey & Me went on to win the Yvonne Arnaud Playwriting Festival. It was presented as a script-in-hand performance at the Mill Studio. Directed by Christopher Luscombe.


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