We step outside and start to dance

“If I didn’t pick my feet up I was going to burst.
If I didn’t throw my arms out I was going to pop.
If I didn’t move my head and my hips, my fingers and my knees, my shoulders, my back –
I exploded into movement.”

We step outside and start to dance (Twitter) (1)

“I’ll never again take for granted being in a creative space making work” – I spoke to Only In Newcastle about where the idea came from and what it was like to make something new under the current restrictions

We step outside and start to dance is inspired by a dance-inducing outbreak of mass hysteria recorded in Strasbourg in the 1500s when a woman did, indeed, step outside and start to dance. And kept dancing. Within a month, four hundred people had joined her.

In November we were delighted to be awarded an OnComm, celebrating the best work presented online or broadcast during the Covid-19 lockdown.

In this brand new FREE audio experience we’re inviting you to download the piece, press play and start to dance! Alongside the audio piece, there is also a BSL interpreted and captioned film available. 

[Click here to access the piece, find out about the team and how to get involved] 


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This was made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council Englandlottery_Logo_Black RGB