Can Cause Death

“Whilst the eldest, I was the last of my sisters to fasten the nuptial noose around my neck and kick the matrimonial stool from under my feet …”

” … she [Carr] pretty much matched the Russian storyteller monologue for monologue … Carr has created a true companion to the original piece, leaving you in no doubt that these two were perfectly matched” – The Journal

“Carr and Chekhov might sound like an unlikely combination, but it is pure, experimental, laugh out loud genius” -The Northern Echo

“Carr has captured the essence of the Chekhov play and created a worthy companion piece.” – British Theatre Guide

“Alison Carr is a shrewd and accomplished writer. Mr Chekhov has found his soul partner in this study of marriage.” –

” … to witness David Bradley bring these two monologues to life is what live theatre is all about ★★★★” –

Classic comic Chekhov meets the best in new writing as husband and wife are brought together in a stunning double-bill.

In THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF TOBACCO tired husband and enthusiastic smoker Nyukhin delivers a lecture (at the request of his wife) on the evils of smoking … but is it really that simple? Follow this up by meeting his wife Popova in Alison Carr’s revealing companion piece CAN CAUSE DEATH.

ON THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF TOBACCO by Anton Chekhov & CAN CAUSE DEATH by Alison Carr was originally commissioned and produced by Charlotte Bennett and Sophie Watson for Forward Theatre Project.

The double-bill debuted at The National Theatre in 2010, directed by Charlotte Bennett and starring Olivier Award winning actor David Bradley. It subsequently transferred to Northern Stage and the Latitude Festival.

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All photos by Richard Davenport

– News, press and previews –

  • 19/3/11: Latitude Festival line-up announced, incl Forward Theatre Project
  • 16/2/11: *Opening night @ Northern Stage*
  • 16/2/11: “There’s no smoke without fire” – The Evening Chronicle preview
  • 14/2/11: “Local playwright answers back to Chekhov” – Newcastle Courier
  • 10/2/11: “Five minutes with … David Bradley” – The Northern Echo
  • 8/2/11: Preview at
  • 6/2/11: “Anton Chekhov & Alison Carr share the stage” – The British Theatre Guide preview
  • 1/2/11: “New role really is smokin” – interview with David Bradley in Culture magazine(pgs 16&17)
  • 31/1/11: “Local Playwright Staging Play On Home Soil” – preview at
  • 8/12/10: Tickets are now on sale for Northern Stage, Wed 16 & Thurs 17 Feb 2011 @ 8pm … click [here] to book via the website, or call the Box Office on 0191 230 5151
  • 14/11/10: Double-bill debuts at the National … click [here] for my blog. (If you’re on Facebook, see some more photos from the night [here])
  • 16/10/10: **SOLD OUT** As in, no tickets left. As in, want a ticket? There aren’t any. Wheeeee!
  • 12/10/10: **TICKETS ON GENERAL SALE NOW** Click [here] to book online or telephone the Box Office on 020 7452 3000
  • 17/9/10: Chekhov & Carr will make their double-bill debut at The National Theatre!  More details [here]
  • 7/9/10: We workshopped the play last week … details and some photos [here]