The Girls From Poppyfield Close / Remains

“Do you wish it had been me had been vanished?”

“what at first seems to be a family drama is slowly revealed as being much more” – British Theatre Guide

Over two decades ago Charlotte set off home from school. She never made it. But now the papers say a body has been found, bones dug up and the case is back in the headlines. In the remains of the house they all grew up in, now condemned for demolition, her sisters wait to find out, each harbouring their own guilt and secrets about what happened.

– Audience comments –

“Brilliant show and absolutely brilliant theatre. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.”
“Well done – very thought provoking, explores the complex happenings within families … Will think about it for some time – very good.”
“An excellent production! Effective design, good lighting/sound – superb performances.” “Brilliant piece of writing.”
“Really enjoyed this production, great writing and acting. Made me laugh and cry”
“An excellent piece of writing, acted well and beautifully staged.”

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THE GIRLS FROM POPPYFIELD CLOSE was produced by Live Theatre’s Live Lab in June 2011. Directed by Rosie Kellagher

I subsequently redeveloped The Girls From Poppyfield Close into one-act play REMAINS for Manchester’s troublehouse theatre. The play was staged site specific in an abandoned house as part of Octagon Theatre’s Reveal Festival. The run sold out and extra performances were added due to demand.

“Carr’s writing is sensitive, sparse and intelligent, leaving the audience to read between the lines to work out what actually happened … It’s very real. It’s very moving. It’s just superb” – QuietManDave

REMAINS was supported by The Children’s Society and The Missing People charities, Bolton at Home and Bolton Council. Directed by David Crowley.