“we apologise for the disruption this will cause …”

The best part of six hours to get there. The best part of four hours to get back.


Get there and back I did and, somewhere in the middle of the snow-induced-travel-disruption, I managed to see my play But Otherwise Went Well.

Hearty congratualtions to the team … Alex, Charlie, Deirdre, Lorna, Daisy, Ben and Ian. A talented, hard working bunch who pulled it off with aplomb … xx

Congratulations also to the other productions: Custard by Ella Hickson, Defined by Design by Arinze Kene and Sex Toys by Gabriel Bissett-Smith.

snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun (cos the schools are closed) …

Now this might surprise you – cos it’s not like there has been blanket (no pun intended) rolling news coverage – but it’s a bit snowy up North right now.

It was fun. For a day or so. But the novelty has well and truly worn off.

The guttering has been pulled off the side of the house from the weight of falling sheets of snow, walking anywhere takes frickin’ ages and my boots are really starting to chaff, the post is not being delivered and there is a package I need by Thursday, 3 of the 3 things I had scheduled to do last night were cancelled and I am sick of being bloody freezing.

On the plus, I got to wear my ear muffs today but even it has a downside cos the subsequent slightly-clammy-ears were no fun.

AND there is the possibility that my train journey to London at the end of the week to see But Otherwise Went Well is going to be disrupted. Whaaaaaa?! Fingers crossed, though. Fingers. Crossed.  All the reports from HQ seem positive, the director and actors seem to be enjoying working on the play. Which is good. I just hope I get to see it …

Stupid warm front hitting stupid cold front … **shakes fist at sky (from which, surprise surprise, more of the stuff is currently falling)**

What else? Well, there is loads else but it’s mostly work-in-development and you know I don’t like to go in to that in great detail (jinx).

So. Erm. Rascally Scoundrels won an Award recently. Best New Writing at the Ovation Awards, don’t  you know. Not for a play of mine, but ‘Trust’ by fellow Rascal Roz Wyllie … but I’ll hang off the coat tails until they notice and boot me off.  I couldn’t go to the event in Whitby cos I was in the midst of moving house but they brought home the bacon (aka a small trophy).

Past Glories; Day 129: I delivered Draft #2 yesterday. Based on the read-through my aim was to tighten it all up, esp the last section. I managed to get rid of 7 pages worth, which was pretty good going. Just waiting on getting a meeting together with the director Kath Frazer to discuss it further and see if a final re-draft is required before auditions etc grind in to action. Exciting …